Understanding Phosphates

Understanding Phosphates

What are phosphates? Phosphates are a class of organic chemicals derived from phosphoric acid and they are a naturally occurring form of phosphorous. What causes phosphates in your pool? Phosphates can come from anything organic in your pool. They are found in fertilizers, leaves, rain water, skin and hair products, and potentially your water supply.Why are phosphates a problem? At low levels and in pools without an algae problem, phosphates won’t do anything to affect the water quality in your pool. At levels above 1000 ppb, phosphates can begin to cause issues. They contribute to algae growth by feeding the algae, and, when the algae organism dies, It releases more phosphates into the water, feeding new algae and creating a cycle. Phosphate is plant food and therefore algae food. This means when you're phosphate level exceeds 1,000 you are far more likely to have an algae bloom than if below 1,000. How to get rid of phosphates? While phosphate levels under 1000 ppb may not cause a pressing issue it is important to monitor the phosphate level in your pool, because phosphates do not break down naturally and can accumulate and rise quickly.  We recommend using a maintenance dose of a phosphate remover weekly (dosage depends on pool size and product).

What products? 

Pool Perfect Total:

-Naturally based enzymes break down pollen, sunscreens, and non-living bather waste

-Controls unwanted phosphate contamination

-Clarifies water 

-Cleans filter and scum line


-Most effective way to remove phosphate prior to using a weekly maintenance product

-Works in the filter (no clouding of the pool water)

-Reduces phosphates down to near zero

Phosfree Extra Strength:

-Designed for high level phosphate removal

-Easily maintains low levels of phosphates in large volumes of water

PhosFIGHT Plus:

- 3-in-1 action removes phosphates, clarifies water, and consumes organics with powerful enzymes 


-Ultra pure phosphate remover

-Maximum concentration

-Quick Dissolve tabs

-No measuring easy to use


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