A new vinyl liner can make your pool look brand new again


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Whether the liner is faded almost to white, has duct tape in the corners, wrinkles all over the floor, or
just is in need of being refreshed, with over 50 years in the pool business we’ve seen it all and we’ve
fixed it all. Hawaiian Pools and Landscape began as a builder of vinyl liner pools in 1964 and since that
time we have replaced thousands of liners across the Midsouth. Our experienced team can provide you
with an expertly measured and installed liner that will dramatically alter the look of your vinyl liner pool.
Vinyl liners have a standard “lifespan” of about 6-8 years (provided the water chemistry has been
regularly monitored and balanced). Near the end of that “lifespan” the liner will begin to lose the
elasticity it had when new. The color pattern of the liner will begin to fade as well with UV light being
damaging to both the color and the material of the liner. As the liner ages and loses its elasticity,
wrinkles will be harder to flatten out, the liner can pull away from plates and gaskets, and tears can
develop. Don’t wait until you have leaks in the pool that will require constant water refilling and
chemical additions.


5 Liner After 3

So, if you have a dated, faded, or damaged liner in your pool, let Hawaiian Pools swap that liner and give
your pool the facelift it needs for the upcoming pool season. There is little else that will instantly change
the appearance of your liner pool like a brand new vinyl liner. Let us help you step into your backyard
this spring and smile.

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