Before and After Heavy Rain Checklist

Heavy Rain Checklist

Preparing for heavy rain or storm

Secure any loose items around patio area

Make sure to secure any toys, patio accessories, loose pool equipment or anything that could get swept up in the wind during a thunderstorm. 


Pick up any loose leaves, seeds, flowers, or pine needles that can pose an issue for your pool if blown in. Trim back branches and limbs from nearby trees. 

Balance Chemicals

Although you will need to treat the pool after a storm, balancing pool chemicals before a storm can help more than you think.

Do not drain Water

If there is going to be a heavy rain, we don't recommend draining water before or during. This can cause a vinyl liner pool to float and have wrinkles.

 Power Down

If you have an automatic cleaner in the pool, unplug and store. Before a thunderstorm hits, turn off pool equipment and shut off the circuit breaker to the pool. Depending on your heater, shut off the glass or propane supply. 

After Heavy Rain or Storm

☐Clean or Backwash Filter

Doing this after a heavy rain or storm will help prevent your pool from turning cloudy or green

☐Clean Out Debris

Use a net or vacuum to get all debris out of pool as soon as you are able. After the debris has been cleared, brush down the walls and the top of any steps and benches. Clean out debris in baskets as well, don't just wait for the cleaner to get it. 

☐Test Water Chemistry

Test water chemistry and make any necessary changes. Once chemicals are with in range, shock your pool. We recommend adding 1 lb of Calcium-Hypochlorite Shock per 10,000 gallons. Let the pool run for 24 hours and retest. 


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