Cloudy Spa Water?

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The average home spa holds about 400 gallons of water and the ideal water temperature is 98-102 degrees. This low amount of water at this high temperature can be a perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria if you do not keep up with proper water chemistry.  Keeping your spa’s water balanced isn’t impossible but it does take dedication and work.

Clean your leaves: Organic material, like leaves or grass clippings, floating around your backyard can land in your spa making your sanitation chemicals work extra hard. When your sanitizer is working hard to get rid of these organic invaders, it is quickly used up and may not be able to help clean out all the bacteria or other contaminants. Algae is another common factor for cloudy spa water. The main cause of algae growth in spas is poor water chemistry.

Increase sanitizers: More use of your spa means it is time to increase your sanitation chemicals. When you don’t have enough bromine or chlorine to effectively sanitize your spa water, then body oils, shampoo residue, makeup ect can build up and cause cloudy water. When testing your spa water look for these indicators for cloudy water:

High pH- When your spa water’s pH is too high (over7.6), you can end up with two different problems: scale formation and ineffective sanitizing and both can cause cloudiness. Using a pH decreaser like GLB pH Down or muriatic acid will effectively balance your pH.

High alkalinity- When your alkalinity is too high (over 120), it can start to cause scale and it also affects your pH levels too. If it starts to cause scale and keeps your pH levels out of whack then cloudy water may occur.

High calcium hardness- We recommend your calcium hardness to stay in the range of 200-400. If your levels become too high, then you may start to see some scale build up and some cloudy water.

Our retail store, with free water testing, is open Wednesday-Friday from 10am-5pm so if you are having some cloudy water problems with your spa, stop by and let us fix it for you.

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