Instead of using the big blue, bulky solar covers, use COVERFree.


Instead of using the big blue, bulky solar covers, use COVERFree. COVERFree is a great product
especially when trying to conserve water and heat, and can save a little money too. It is a liquid solar
cover, which means that instead of having a physical layer on the pool, it places a thin polymer layer to
prevent heat and water loss. Basically, when COVERFree is poured into the pool, the liquid solar cover
will float to the top of the water and latch together forming the secure solar cover. When swimming
with COVERFree, you will not feel the thin layer and it is perfectly safe, even when children or animals
accidentally ingest a little bit of pool water.

COVERFree is safe to use with all types of sanitizing systems and works best when used weekly.
Reapply the weekly dose with heavy swim and heavy rain due to dilution of the product. It is important
to make sure that the circulation system of the pool is on when placing COVERFree into the skimmer of
the pool. The amount used will depend on the size of the pool, about 4 oz. per every 20,000 gallons.
COVERFree can be used year-round, but most people use it to conserve water and heat between the fall
and spring seasons. Before using COVERFree, shake well.

As we approach the fall season, COVERFree would be a great investment to begin using. It is
best to go ahead and start using it before the temperatures of the pool begin to drop. It also will help
extend your swimming season into the cooler months. Save money by conserving water and heat with


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