Don't wait until next year to build your pool!

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I went on a very interesting pool appointment this morning.  I asked my customer, "If you build a pool will it be a "this year project" or  next year?" He replied, "Definitely this year. Because I want to make sure everything is settled including landscaping before the spring and most importantly I want to be sure I know how to take care of this pool really well before I want to be in it every day. Because I know there is going to be somewhat of a learning curve."  After my customer finished what he was saying, it dawned on me that this indeed was a very important point.  Because every spring, inevitably, some of our customers wait until March when it is potentially raining every second or third day and they are trying to learn how to take care of the pool when all they want to do is enjoy it.  Having said this, the manner in which we plumb a pool in combination with the premium equipment packages we use, it does result in a pool that is easier to maintain.It is a fact that this time of year the ground is in great condition, it does not rain as much, and the air is typically more dry thus lending itself to a favorable construction environment.  We recommend that if you are not ready to build now and must wait until next year that you get on our list to get started early in the year so you are swimming when the season begins!

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