Electrical Bonding

The importance of electrical bonding


When replacing or installing a new ladder or handrail, remember the importance of electrical bonding. All pools have a bond wire running around the pool itself and connecting to the pool equipment. All metal objects and fixtures around the pool must also be electrically bonded for safety. This is a very important safety issue for pools; water and electricity are a bad combination. If everything around the pool is bonded correctly and up to to code, then the pool, pool equipment, and all metallic objects and fixtures are safe.

A safety issue arises when new ladders or handrails are added and existing ladders or handrails (specifically the anchors) are replaced. The existing bond wire runs beneath the concrete or inside the concrete decking. Without removing entire sections of concrete and locating and connecting the bond wire to the new anchors, ladders, or rails, Hawaiian Pools cannot guarantee effective electrical bonding. Therefore, when adding new ladders or rails, or when replacing existing ladders or rails, Hawaiian Pools uses non-metallic, non-bonding products. Installing polymer or thermoplastic ladders and rails not only avoids any electrical safety issues, but also provides other benefits such as non-corrosion, non-fading, non-chipping, and easy to clean surfaces for ladders and rails.

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