End of the Season: To Close or Not to Close

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One question that most pool owners have is whether or not they should close their pool after the swim season. It seems like just about everybody has an opinion one way or the other as to what is best to do. So what do we think? Is it best to close your pool, or should you run your pool year-round?

Our answer is not very clear cut. It’s whatever you prefer.

The reason we don’t take a stance is because there is no strong argument for either case, it depends on your attitude towards running and maintaining your pool. So to help you make your decision a little easier, I will outline the pros and cons of both closing your pool for the winter versus leaving it open all year.

Winterizing and Closing Your PoolPros

  • Less maintenance per year
  • If winterized properly, no burst plumbing


  • Potential to open pool in spring to green water
  • Cost to winterize and cover pool

Leaving Your Pool Open Year RoundPros

  • Better view of backyard
  • No additional winterization and closing costs


  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Chance to freeze water in plumbing and damage equipment

Obviously, this is not the entire list of pros and cons. There are several more reasons for and against each side, but this gives you a good base to start with. Do you dread maintaining your pool? Then consider closing it down. Do you hate looking at a cover all winter? Then leave it open / uncovered (just because you winterize your pool doesn’t mean you need to cover it, just keep trees and leaves in mind).

Do you have any more reasons for or against either issue? Then be sure to comment below and we will add them!

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