Filtration: A Motion for Motion

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There are three components of proper pool water maintenance – circulation, filtration, and sanitization.

Circulation, the most important item on the agenda, is defined as the ‘physical movement of the water through a swimming pool or hot tub system’.

Without proper water passage, these maintenance necessities cannot perform. Put simply, pool or hot tub water cannot be properly filtered, treated and/or cleaned if water does not move. Furthermore, when water is idle, it becomes an easy target for bacteria or algae to attack and overtake.

Dead spots or pockets of algae in swimming pools are the best examples of poor circulation. So, how can you safely ensure that your water is flowing properly?

First, make certain that your pump is running to the tune recommended for effective pool water distribution. The best way to determine how long your pump needs to be operating is to ask your pool store professional for their recommendation. As they deal with circulation issues on a day-to-day basis, they are better equipped to address your personal challenges.

Second, ensure your skimmer and pump baskets are cleaned regularly. Leaves, debris, even pool toys can clog systems and hinder circulation abilities.

Third, check your filter’s cleanliness and pressures. Depending upon your filter type, this can be a significant source of circulation reduction. Ask your pool store professional for the best cleaning advice or take advantage of their professional filter cleaning services.

Finally, one of the easiest things you can do to assist in proper pool water circulation is to correctly position and aim your eyeball fittings. All eyeballs should be pointed at a downward 45° angle, away from skimmers. This will create a beneficial circular water flow in the pool.

Many of these common pool problems could be avoided if you simply maintain proper water motion.

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