How to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is here, and so are the high temperatures. After an unusually cool Spring, the heat is finally in Memphis, and that means it’s time to cool your pool. The easiest and quickest way to cool down your pool is to run a fountain overnight, allowing the pool water to be cooled down by the lower temperatures at night. If you don’t have a fountain, don’t worry, as you can hook up a fountain to your return jets and run your pool overnight to get the same results.

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One of the biggest complaints pool owners have during the heat of summer is that their pool feels like a bath tub. Everyone wants to jump into a refreshing pool after a day in the sun, but unfortunately it isn’t always so easy. Fortunately, pool fountains, both plumbed in and stand-alone, can easily lower water temperatures overnight. And it couldn’t be easier to do:

  • If you don’t already have one, get a pool fountain and hook it into one of your pool returns.
  • Run your pool overnight with the fountain running.
  • Enjoy cooler pool water the next day!

The reason this works is that the water is cooled by the air overnight as the temperatures drop. This also works the opposite way during the day, as the sunlight and warm air hit the aerated water, it heats it up and will also evaporate faster, so for this reason, we only recommend running your fountain overnight to cool your pool.

We also offer pool chillers which can drastically reduce your pool water by installing a chiller by your equipment. For more information on pool chillers, we recommend you contact us via contact form or call us at (901) 754-7058.

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