how to prime your pool pump

 A damaged pump can be expensive to replace or repair but it also shuts your pool down. Your pool water can’t circulate without your pump running, which means that water is not running through your filter and it is sitting stagnant. The longer your pool water is stagnant, the dirtier it gets. Thankfully, a lot of those things can be avoided simply by knowing how to prime a pool pump. It is a simple process but don’t underestimate the importance to never skip this process when needed.

Step 1. Turn the Multiport Valve to Recirculate

This will direct the water into the filter head, and then back into your pool.

Step 2. Remove Pool Plugs

You need water to be able to flow into the pump, so remove any plugs you may have in your skimmer or return jets before you turn any equipment on.

Step 3. Fill the Pump with Water

Remove the pump’s lid and check to see if it is dry inside. If so, then you will need to add some water before you turn it on. Make sure all the drain plugs are in place, then pre-fill the pump housing. Allow water to run into the pump housing for at least two minutes. This will allow some water to seep into the pipes that extend from the skimmer to the pump so there’ll be enough water to create suction in the pump.

Step 4. Turn the Pump On

Replace the lid, and turn the pump on. It may gurgle and sputter a little, and it may take a little time, but eventually, you should see water filling the pump housing. Once the housing is full of water, your pump is primed!

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