Safety First

Safety First

Child Safety:

Never leave a child alone in or near a swimming pool, spa, or any other body of water. Don’t run into the house for any reason leaving children alone in or near the pool or spa. The American Academy of Pediatrics support swim lessons for children ages 1-4 when parents think they are ready. 

Pool fences with self latching gates will keep unsupervised children, pets, and unwanted guests from entering your pool. Pool fencing around the pool is an investment in the health and safety of your family and friends. 

Pool alarms are intrusion detection devices that will alert you or sound an alarm if something or someone comes in contact with your pool water. 

Door alarms should be installed on any doors and windows leading to the pool, spa, or patio. Door alarms make it impossible for unsupervised children to slip out of the house and into the pool area unnoticed. 


Some pool chemicals can burn or poison if mishandled or inhaled, so always be sure to take every precaution possible when handling chemicals. Here are some simple guidelines to safely use your pool chemicals:

-Never touch chlorine with bare hands

-Always add chemicals to water, never the other way around

-Never use chlorine tablets and chlorine capsules simultaneously

-Never expose any pool chemical to heat or open flames

-Always wait at least 30 minutes after adding any chemical to your pool before swimming (with chlorine shock wait at least 8 hours)

Deck and Pool Area:

-Never have glass in the pool area

-Absolutely no running should be allowed around the pool

-Alcohol and swimming do not mix

-No wrestling or rough housing around the pool should be allowed

-No diving into shallow water should ever be permitted 

Diving Boards and Slides:

-Always hold on to ladder rails when climbing a slide

-Always make sure the slide is wet before using

-Never let a child use the slide without adult supervision

-Never go down a slide backwards

-Never jump from the top of the slide

-Always dive from the front of the diving board into the middle of the pool and never towards the sides of the pool

-Never take more than one bounce on the diving board

Life Saving:

-Purchase a life ring that can hang near the pool

-Learn how to swim

-Learn CPR and other life saving techniques as well as how to respond in emergencies from licensed agencies such as the Red Cross.

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