Salt Pool Maintenance

Salt Pool Maintenance

       1. A salt pool is a chlorine pool. To generate free chlorine, the pump must be running. When the pump is not running the salt system is not producing any chlorine.

       2.  On initial treatment of pool and on subsequent additions of salt, it is recommended that 1 qt of “Magenta Stuff” be added for every three bags of salt. When adding salt, remember to brush pool thoroughly.

       3.On gunite pools, plaster must be cured 30 days before adding salt. 

       4.cUse only pool grade salt of high purity.

       5.Shock weekly to help prolong the life of the salt system.

           a. Non-Chlorine shock is best to use as a weekly oxidizer

           b. If pool is green, a chlorine based granular shock must be used in conjunction with an algaecide.

       6. To quickly raise chlorine levels, salt systems can be set to super chlorinate:

           a. On super chlorinate, the system will run at 100% for 24 hours and then return to the previous setting

       7. The salt cell should be cleaned quarterly with a muriatic acid and water mix: with a ratio of one part acid to two  parts water. If not cleaned, the salt cell will scale and not work properly.

           a. To clean the cell: unscrew the top and bottom unions and remove cell In a five gallon bucket, add the muriatic acid and water solution. Soak one side of the cell in the solution at a time

      8. High readings (>4800ppm) or low readings (<2600ppm) on your salt cell may cut the system off.

      9. If pool is not holding or creating enough chlorine, check for nitrates and phosphates as well as the CYA.

     10. If the water temperature is below 52 degrees, the salt system will not work and should be turned off and unplugged.

           a. Once the salt system is unplugged, you must begin using chlorine tablets

    11. If pH gets out of balance it will corrode the unit. Studies indicate that pools with salt systems generally will need  pH adjustments twice weekly.

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