Should I Switch to Salt Water?

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One of the hottest products in the pool industry in the past few years has been Salt Water Chlorine Generators (SWCG). Although these seem like new products, SWCG have actually been around for several decades, but due to bad manufacturing and outdated technology, they never caught on. But in recent years, new advances in chlorine generation technology and improvements in manufacturing have caused an increase in popularity with SWCG. If you have not made the switch to salt water, and are wondering if you should or not, keep reading to discover the pros and cons of salt water chlorination.

Before getting into the benefits and the downsides, there is one major misconception that should be cleared before going further. There are many claims made in the pool industry that SWCG will handle the balancing and maintenance of all of your chemicals, which is false. SWCG are only responsible for generating small amounts of chlorine, and only chlorine, and will not balance any other chemicals in your swimming pool.


    • Much less maintenance:  SWCG turn the salt that is added to your pool into chlorine, eliminating the need to constantly check chlorine tablets and shock the pool. The salt water system handles this for you.

    • More comfortable water:  The salinity of the water with a SWCG is very close to that of human tears, making the pool water extremely comfortable on the eyes.

    • Better algae control:  With chlorine being generated constantly, your pool is in a better position to fight algae, and you should see much less algae developing in your pool.

    • Silky feeling water:  Not only is salt water better on your eyes, many pool owners comment on the water having a silky feel to it, making the water much more comfortable.


    • Higher up-front costs:  The addition of SWCG can cost a couple thousand dollars when you take into account the cost of the system, installation and electrical work, water rebalancing, salt (most salt start ups consist of up to 800lbs. of salt), and other costs involved with the installation of salt systems.

    • Corrosion:  Because salt water is corrosive, splash-out can cause corrosion on metals not designed for pool water (grills, patio furniture, etc.).

    • Repair costs:  No system is perfect, and salt systems will have to be replaced, which adds an additional cost down the road.

    Please keep in mind...

    Please keep in mind that no system is perfect, and there are no magic bullets when it comes to operating and maintaining a swimming pool. A SWCG goes a long way in reducing the maintenance involved in operating your pool, but it is not a cure-all and will still require time and attention. If you would like to know more about salt water generators, stop by our retail locations and speak to our associates or submit your questions to us online.

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