Top 3 Mistakes Pool Owners Make

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Fall is here, the temperatures are dropping, and now is a perfect time to reflect on things that could have (or did) go wrong with your swimming pool, and what could be done to prevent them from happening in the future. These are the top 3 mistakes pool owners make, as commented on by our staff and pool owners across the country.

Mistake 1: Not keeping the pool balance

One of the biggest issues we see in our retail stores are pool owners who neglect weekly balancing of their pool water. We are very proud of our customers who come in to our stores each and every week to let us analyze their pool water for free, but very often we will talk to customers who do not realize the importance of balanced water. The biggest misconception with swimming pools is that clear water is good water. This is not necessarily true. For instance, a pool with a pH level of 6.2 will more than likely be clear because with a pH level that low, algae struggles to bloom. But with a pH of 6.2, the water is considered corrosive, and will do damage to many parts of your pool, not to mention what that low of a pH will do to swimmers. And water that is not regularly balanced tends to take much longer and cost much more to correct once a problem occurs or the water is analyzed. By regularly balancing your water (we recommend weekly), you will not only guarantee clearer water for longer, you will minimize the amount of money you spend on pool chemicals due to the water constantly staying balanced.

Mistake 2: Safety is an afterthought

You’ve heard the horror stories – a swimmer dives off their diving board, only to injure themselves on the bottom of the pool / pool slope. This is a serious issue, and it highlights a common concern throughout the pool industry: safety has been an afterthought for far too long. The pool industry has taken steps to push for stronger safety regulations, and at Hawaiian Pools we stress safe swimming. Please do yourself a favor and evaluate your swimming pool and backyard to be sure there are no safety hazards: check equipment and plumbing, establish safety rules such as no running or horseplay, and ALWAYS supervise children. If you are unsure on how to evaluate the safety of your backyard and swimming pool, request a consultation with a pool expert.

Mistake 3: Maintenance is a four letter word

So you just got your pool balanced and clear, but you know in a week it will be back to cloudy / green water. That’s because sometimes pool owners neglect routine maintenance such as brushing and vacuuming which helps prevent issues from occurring. Running an automatic cleaner such as a Polaris or Kreepy Krauly will help, but it cannot replicate using your pool brush to target the entire pool surface. Algae occurs when regular brushing does not occur, and green algae will begin to form on the walls, slopes, and pool bottom. Even regular shock maintenance will not completely prevent algae without proper brushing and vacuuming. The best schedule is to brush the pool before shocking (and remember to shock the pool at night to prevent the sun from lowering the effectiveness of your shock), then adding the appropriate dosage of algaecide the following morning. This weekly maintenance schedule will prevent algae problems and will keep your pool crystal clear all summer long when applied with a routine pool balancing schedule.

So there you have it, the top 3 mistakes made by pool owners. The great news is that these mistakes are easy to correct and prevent, and are very inexpensive. So be sure to prevent these common mistakes next season by keeping a proper pool maintenance schedule!

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